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Calypso- 10 oz

Calypso- 10 oz

Introducing our Calypso candle, a double wicked olive wax candle designed to bring the essence of summer into your home. Infused with the refreshing scents of calamansi and persimmon, this candle will transport you to a tropical paradise with every burn. The combination of these vibrant and fruity aromas will instantly uplift your mood and create a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or simply add a touch of summer to your space, the Calypso candle is the perfect choice. With an extended burn time, you can enjoy the invigorating fragrance of Calypso for hours on end. Light up this candle and let the summer vibes wash over you.


Please Note: Each candle is never made the same! Our candles are made to order, that means we hand pour our candles in small batches to give you a unique product. You may find minor disparities or small imperfections but rest assured, they are up to our highest standards.

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