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King- 10 oz

King- 10 oz

Indulge in the rich, masculine aroma of our King 10 oz candle. This double wicked, olive wax candle is expertly scented with bergamot, marine, musk, and cedarwood, creating a powerful and alluring fragrance that fills the room. As the candle burns, its warm glow and captivating scent will envelop you. Men- allow this candle to evoke a sense of strength and dominance much like the man you are. Ladies- allow yourself to be swept away into a submissive and feminine state, embracing the powerful presence of the King candle. Whether you're treating yourself or gifting it to someone special, this luxurious candle is perfect for creating an atmosphere of strength and allure.


Please Note: Each candle is never made the same! Our candles are made to order, that means we hand pour our candles in small batches to give you a unique product. You may find minor disparities or small imperfections but rest assured, they are up to our highest standards.

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